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Top 5 Exclusive Photos of Trevor Noah With Girlfriend Before Split

Trevor Noah and Girlfriend

Heartbroken lover says ‘now the world gets to share’ as she ruefully reflects in S.Africa on a romance that foundered on fame

  • Trevor Noah was in a relationship with South African beauty Dani Gabriel but the couple have split in recent months
  • He took her around the world to be by his side on his tour last year


  • It was even rumored in January that the madly in-love couple were engaged
  • But Gabriel, 28, runs a physiotherapist practice in Cape Town and has family in the city meaning she will have been reluctant to relocate to America
  • She still remains supportive of Noah and ‘couldn’t be prouder’ of him

Trevor Noah has moved on to become a  US TV star, and he left behind a stunning South African physiotherapist to pursue his American dream, the Africa Cradle can reveal.

The new host of The Daily Show has separated from long term girlfriend Dani Gabriel after the pair had a heart to heart about his future plans.

Noah has known Gabriel for at least four years and it’s believed they began dating early in 2014. The comedian quickly became smitten with the beautiful brunette and took her around the world to be by his side while on tour.

But following behind-the-scenes talks earlier this year with Comedy Central – the producers of The Daily Show – it was clear Noah’s career was about to explode.


Separated: Trevor Noah and his stunning South African girlfriend Dani Gabriel broke up after the pair discussed his future plans and exploding fame

A source close to Noah told Africa Cradle: ‘Dani is an ex-girlfriend. They decided to go their separate ways and are not together anymore, they split a few months ago but are still friends.’

Despite the split Gabriel is still right behind Noah as he takes over from Jon Stewart in the biggest seat in world comedy. She told Africa Cradle that she’s ‘very supportive’ of Noah’s newfound fame and has said she couldn’t be ‘prouder’ of her ex.


Jet-setting: When Noah brought Gabriel on tour last year, the couple posted selfies in front of several landmarks on Instagram

And while previously little known Noah is set to become a household name for millions of people, Gabriel still doesn’t see him as a ‘celebrity’. Speaking in Cape Town, she said: ‘Yes he’s going through this huge transition but at the end of the day he’s not a celebrity to me and he’s never treated himself like that and I don’t treat him like that, I don’t bring that in to my life.’

‘This world is not a very healthy one, so we can’t really involve ourselves in it now regardless of how big it is.

‘It doesn’t make a difference to my life. I don’t talk about my stuff, Trevor doesn’t talk about my stuff.

‘There’s really nothing more that I need to say, whatever’s there is there, beyond that, it is genuinely between me and him.’

But it’s clear that Gabriel has struggled with the split, keeping her Facebook status as ‘in a relationship’ and keeping a large photo of the couple kissing on her home page wall.

However, the physio quickly changed her wall photo to one of three pretty dresses when Africa Cradle asked why she kept Noah’s picture on display now they’ve split.


It’s a sad turn of events for the couple who had seemed madly in love.

In January it was suggested the glamorous pair was even engaged – rumors Gabriel was quick to quell on Twitter. Dozens of intimate photos posted on their social media pages also gave the appearance of a couple very much in love.

Patricia said one of Noah’s other ex-girlfriends was ‘controlling’ over him. ‘She was a German girl and I saw her and I really liked her, I was hooked. But then it was broken. She was very controlling over Trevor and he didn’t like that,’ she said.


Even Noah admitted during an interview that one of his ex girlfriend’s tried to stop him from going in to comedy. He told Interview magazine in May, 2013: ‘I was dating her and I said, “I want to be a comedian.” And she said, “You’re not that funny, don’t be stupid.” So I said, “Okay.” And I didn’t do it. Then, after we broke up, I thought, This is the perfect time to do everything I couldn’t do when I was with her, like date other girls and do comedy. So I did.’


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