Top 5 Celebrity Break-Ups That Are Still Heartbreaking

Just like everyone else they face challenges on a daily basis – the big difference is that their lives are out there and the whole country gets to know, especially when things don’t go according to plan.

Things like romantic relationships.

In the past year alone fans have watched love stories blossom and then unravel right before their eyes.

We take a look at five celebrity break-ups that are still painful to think about

Cassper and Boity

Cassper and Boity’s whirlwind romance seemed to be the fairytale every girl dreams of.

Cassper and Boity first dated when they were 16, and then rekindled the flame last year, which had everyone talking.

Their public displays of affection and picturesque baecations were replaced with break-up rumours that were finally confirmed by Boity in March.


Instagram @Boity

Itumeleng and Minnie

Itu and Minnie seemed to be a match made in heaven. They quickly became Mzansi’s power couple and the envy of every single person …

… and then it all fell apart.

Instagram @Minniedlamini

ProVerb and Onalerona

Their marriage was rocked by cheating allegations last year, and at the time ProVerb came out to protect his family, explaining that they were trying to work things out.

However, in the end their divorce was announced by Onalerona on social media.

Instagram @Myrona_

Lalla and Chris

Lalla Hirayama and Chris Nkosi split up after five years of dating.

They were a stalwart couple who made everyone green with envy, with their loved-up social media pictures.

Instagram @lalla_hirayama

AKA and DJ Zinhle

AKA and DJ Zinhle’s split was probably the most publicised break-up of 2015 and even though they are both happy and active co-parents of their little girl, the whole of Mzansi waited with bated breath for the big day which never happened.

Instagram @djzinhle

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