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Top 4 African Countries With The Worst Police Brutality

kenya police brutality

Police are the law keepers of the society.The police force is accountable under the law and constitution and they too cannot take the law in their own hands. Yet there are cases all over the world where police has been known to step beyond their traditional role.

Some forces have occasionally put a toe across the line but others have gone many steps across the line. Here we listed four african countries with worst police brutality.

4. Kenya

kenya police brutality

Kenya is an African country with prevalent problems and widespread corruption. People took to the streets in 2016 against the government and its corruption. But, they were dealt with severe resistance and punishment by the law keepers. Protesting crowds were hit with clubs and sticks. They were chased down the streets and the police resorted to all gruesome measures to disperse the gathering crowd. Journalists told anecdotes of how the police treated people like they were bales of cotton. No wonder the people want a change.

3. Somalia

somalia police brutality

The Somali police force like the country itself is in abysmal state- torn by civil war. Over 1000 German trained police officers reportedly disappeared and have allegedly joined an Islamist militia in 2009. The force is underpaid and resorts to illegal measures to increase their income. Rampage of private property and coercion of citizens for bribe is common in the country. Also there have been reports of the police turning away from crime and supporting injustice in return for financial bribes. Attempts have been made to improve the state but hitherto there has not been much success.

2. Egypt

It was claimed by a CIA officer in 2004 that if a man was wanted to be seen disappeared from this planet then he must be sent to Egypt. Situation has worsened after the Arab Spring as the current regime is of the opinion that the ousted Mubarak’s leniency was the reason for his dismissal, therefore they plan to be otherwise. According to the Nadeem Centre, 600 local tortures were reported in 2015 along with 40,000 arrests, 1265 disappearances and 267 killings. Much of this was done to support the aftermath of the military coup in Sissi’s favour.

1. South Africa – World Capital of Police Brutality

south africa police brutality

Figures suggest that the number of people killed by the police in South Africa increases every year. If all civil liability suits against the police were upheld, the government’s budget would be consumed in the court alone. As the figures regarding torture by the police and rapes by uniformed policemen are exceeding every year, reports suggest. In 2016 alone, there were 244 deaths and 124 rapes by uniformed policemen. It is upsetting to see the protectors becoming the vultures. 145 cases of police torture were also reported in the same year.


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  1. Thank you for the analysis. I suggest you need to carry a more in depth study because some of the countries found in Sub Saharan Africa that would have been top on the list are no where to be found. If I may believe you, then it should be that data for such countries have not been obtained and/or published.

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