Top 20 Best Places In South Africa For Tech-Free, Relaxing Holidays

South Africa has been named as one of the best places to visit for those who want to completely switch off and have a fully relaxing, tech-free holiday.

Travel website Hayes and Jarvis published the list of places that make it possible for travellers to have a digital detox and South Africa almost made it to top 10. Located in Central America, Costa Rica came in first place.

“Although there are many modern cities and bustling beaches in the country, there are many more unspoiled rural areas, forests and villages filled with culture where you can escape the digital distractions of the world,” said Hayes and Jarvis.

Chile took second place for its 36 parks, forests, villages and culture that could keep travellers away from their gadgets.

Iceland, Colombia, Peru, Oman, Argentina, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, and New Zealand also made it to the top 10 countries that offer a relaxing holiday.

South Africa came in 12th place.

“While 0.93% of South Africa has been built on, the rest of it remains an untouched home for animals and insects alike. Even though more than half of the populous country has access to the internet, the 4G speed is quite low at only 15.42 Mbps. Between that and the many natural parks and safaris, South Africa is an ideal location for your digital detox,” reads Hayes and Javis.

Data was based on the number of free Wi-Fi spots, 4G availability and speed, and the percentage of people who had access to the internet. They removed locations where data was unavailable and those that presented a travel risk based on government warnings, said the website.

Check out the rest of the list.


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