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Top 10 Most POWERFUL passports List in South Africa

The Ultimate passport ranking.

GoEuro, the European-based rail, air, bus and car search and booking engine, has ranked passports from 51 countries to uncover which nationalities’ passports are the most useful when it comes to travel.

As any avid traveller knows passport are the key to adventures. Passports are the ultimate “don’t leave home without it“item, but the nationality of your passport can have a major effect on your travel plans and time abroad.

To clue you in on the effects your passport can have, GoEuro has undertaken the task of analysing passports from 50 countries around the world to discover which nationalities’ passports are the most useful in making your way around the globe.

The survey ranked passports on visa-free access as well as the ease of obtaining the passport – which included factors such as the cost of a passport, the length it remains valid, and the amount of time a citizen must work to obtain the passport.


All Factors Were Weighted and Scored To Produce The Ultimate Passport Ranking. GoEuro said.

South Africa is ranked 42nd out of the top 51 countries, down one spot from 41st in 2014. South Africa citizens havevisa-free access to no fewer than 97 of the world’s 194 countries.

South Africans need to work an estimated 32 hours at minimum wage to afford the application fee of  R400  ($34)required by the Department of Home Affairs.

GoEuro ‘s analysis shows the five nations with the most powerful passports are Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK and the US with 174visa-free countries.

Most but not all countries need a passport for Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Benin, Burundi, Chad, China, Iraq, Mozambique, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen.

The Top 10 Most Powerful Passports in the World Are:

Country Image Number Visa-Free Countries Cost Hours To Work
Sweden sweden_passport 174 Visa-free countries $43  1 Hour worked
Finland finland_passport 174 Visa-free countries $56 5 Hours worked
Germany german_passport 174 Visa-free countries $69 7 Hours worked
United Kingdom united_kingdom_passport 174 Visa-free countries $110 11 Hours worked
USA united_states_passport 174 Visa-free countries $135 19 Hours worked
Denmark denmark_passport 173 Visa-free countries $133 15 Hours worked
Canada canada_passport 173 Visa-free countries $133 15 Hours worked
Spain spain_passport_1 172 Visa-free countries $30 5 Hours worked
Belgium belgium_passport 172 Visa-free countries $76 8 Hours worked
Netherlands netherlands_passport 172 Visa-free countries $78 8 Hours worked


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