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Top 10 Best Sjava Songs 2019

With South Africans making massive leaps in the music industry and a number of artists becoming the continent’s top, we cannot fail to acknowledge the contribution that Sjava brings to this sector. With his excellent lyrics and brilliant flow, Sjava represents some of the best talents in Africa. He is the one guy that will drown you in his emotional style that always resonates with the way of life and challenges of most Africans. With over 35 tracks, what are 10 best Sjava songs 2019? Read on to find out.

Sjava songs 2019

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Jabulani Hardee, born in South Africa’s Bergville, KwaZulu Natal, Sjava is a 34-year old talented male artist currently signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment. His style is mostly soul, hip-hop, and R&B. After rising to fame in 2015, he has gone from strength to strength as proven by his 2018 award in the BET Viewers’ Choice Best International Act category. You may be aware or not that he is the artist behind certain popular jams, but here are 10 best Sjava songs trending currently, which will confirm how amazing this talented vocalist is.

1. Uthando

This may possibly be one of the greatest hits by Jabulani Hardee if YouTube is anything to go by. With at least 3.4 million views, Sjava launches into an emotional track about his struggles to find love. One of the lines in Uthando which was released in 2016, “thando lungehlule mama” points to how love has failed him. It is not clear whether he released the song because he was actually heartbroken or whether it was just another love song. Regardless of the reason, this is one of the top Sjava songs of 2019 and an all-time favorite for its beautiful message combined with unmatched vocals.

2. Ngempela

This popular piece of music was released by Sjava together with DJ Maphorisa & Howard back in 2017. Presently, Ngempela has accumulated about 3.3 million views on YouTube. In addition, Shazam shows that Ngempela has been Shazamed more than any other of Sjava’s tracks with more than 60,000 searches. This high number can be attributed to the inclusion of Howard ad DJ Maphorisa who are both top artists, but definitely, the piece of music is one that you should listen to.

3. Impilo

Impilo Sjava 2017 seeks to address pertinent issues such as women and children violence and other challenges in South African society. Most of these themes are particularly evident in the video. There is certain darkness about the video that is bound to captivate you because it resonates with what we see in everyday life. Impilo official YouTube music video has attracted a viewership of more than 2.7M.

4. Ek’seni

Ek’seni can be simply described as a true love story in the African context. This top piece of music was actually released in 2016 as a part of Jabulani Hardee’s album titled Isina Muva, but it is still trending as at 2019. The words were written by Mfanafuthi Ruff Nkosi, Sjava, and Mute. Presently, it has accumulated about 2.2 million views on YouTube.

5. Before

Sjava Before has a strong performance that shows just how well his album Isina Muva did. Like most of his other jams, Jabulani Hardee decided to flow with his native language with the occasional “before” here and there. This piece of music, which has attracted over 2.1M views on YouTube, continues the theme of love as well as the conflicts in relationships.

6. Intombi

This tune is also another one of Sjava’s love songs with his unique and captivating style. The emotional track has become a kind of an anthem to men in South Africa and indeed, the whole continent. In the song, the musician talks about the fear that comes with approaching a girl. Again, like most of his pieces of music, it is unclear whether the artist talks about his own struggle or just generally, but clearly, he connects with the actual relationship struggles of love.

7. Abangani

Abangani is one of Sjava new songs 2018 released in June, and it features Emtee and Saudi. The track has already garnered close to 1.9 M views on YouTube, and in case you have not listened to this song, the beats are almost similar to those of LaSauce’s “I do,” also released by Ambitiouz Entertainment. This informative piece of music clearly encourages us to press on amidst the tough times so that we can emerge successfully, and it is based on a mother’s wise words: “show me your friends and I will show you your future”.

8. Vura

Vura, released in 2016 by the trio (Sjava, DJ Citi Lyts, and Saudi), has been viewed more than 2.1 M times on YouTube. Although Sjava and Saudi simply feature in this piece of music by DJ Citi Lyts, the musical has managed to extend Sjava’s fan base by attracting the fans of the other two artists.

9. Phumelela

Released in 2017, this song by MissPru DJ features an impressive cast and diverse talents like Sjava, Amanda Black, Saudi, Sindi, Emtee, and MissPru DJ. Phumelela, with over 2.2M views on YouTube, the song is mainly about sensitive topics like xenophobia, HIV/AIDS, racism, and others. In the song, the artists advise courage and strength in the face of such problems.

10. Seasons

This song featuring Mozzy and Reason epitomizes the rise of Sjava over the past few years. While this song may not be that popular, it is a top Sjava song because it was featured in the 2018 blockbuster by Marvel: Black Panther. Listen to it to learn the journey of this great South African musician.

Sjava songs have deep meaning, and it is evident that he has a little more to give to his fans. His top album, “Isina Muva,” now has a gold status, so listen to the above 10 best Sjava songs 2019 and watch Sjava songs YouTube to enjoy his top shelf stuff. Happy listening!


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