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Top 10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women…. (Must See)


Africa is blessed with culture, treasure, languages and obviously beautiful people. Beauty doesn’t lie on white skin, black skin has unique appeal which you can’t deny. African women are beautiful with their black chocolate skin and curly hair.


Here is a list of 10 African countries that hold most beautiful women.

10. Ethiopia


The number one country on our list is Ethiopia…..surprised? You shouldn’t be! Ethiopia with ease made the top on our respected and desired list. Undeniably, Ethiopia has the most stunning and most beautiful women in Africa. Just dare think beauty and I bet Ethiopia will pop up in your head. But if you are still doubting, take a tour of inspection and see for yourself how convinced you will be. Even in 2014, their women comfortably sat on the same position. Phew! Ethiopia women I can’t help but doff my cap to you.


9. Kenya


Surprisingly Kenya emerges 2. It might come as a shock to many, but make out time and explore the city of Nairobi., then and only then you will have a change of mind. Well, the ever-glowing Habida is the face of Kenya on the list. You could notice her enchantress’ eye-popping photo depicting the stunning women of Kenya.


8. Ivory Coast

Miss-Cote-d-Ivoire-3 (1)

Ivory Coast grabbed the third place on our list. Ivorian women are verified beauties no doubt. YES! They cool, stunning and breath-taking women and amazing. In fact it a place to explore as a single guy *winks*


7. Tanzania


Tanzania a country in Southeast region of Africa has also beautiful and awesome women. Tanzanian women are very cute no doubt. They really do have more pretty women and you can also visit for confirmation.


6. Ghana


Ghana as always never come last in anything as they are ranked the fifth country with the most beautiful women. Anyway Ghana is another African country that is so blessed with pretty women. If you check the Ghanaian film industry, you will know that the 5th spot is well deserved.

5. Democratic Republic of Congo


Congo is the sixth country with the most beautiful women. Congolese women look extremely beautiful. They have the original tribal looks of Africa, with high cheek bones and have good curvy rears. They are tall, cute and of course have liquorice black skin color. What more? Nothing absolutely!


4. Nigeria


Oddly enough, the most populous black country that has once produced “a miss world” in the past came seventh position. Nigeria has so many cute ladies with enormous sense of fashion. In fact, some of the beautiful women in Nigeria are the most beautiful on the continent. Yes! “hot” is not enough to describe their ladies to say the least.


3. South Africa


I’m quite surprised that South Africa was defeated by many other African countries topping our list as she is ranked the eight African countries with the most stunning women….and in case you pull a doubt, please explore South Africa and find out why they became eighth. Even though, South Africa, like many faces gracing various runways, TVs and magazines are from South Africa, many from Johannesburg, but if you have ever been to the great country, being in 8th won’t be a shock to you.


2. Zimbabwe


Isn’t it pretty shocking that Zimbabwe fared wonderfully and came 9th on the list? It goes to say that if even Zimbabwe is presently going through economical and political issues, it still doesn’t make her a loser for the fact that Zimbabwe made the list. Zimbabwean women have broken the barrier and limitation any economical issue could cause and sat comfortably on the list.


1. Egypt:


Well, Egypt has lots of beautiful women even though some of them are hidden behind shrouds because of religion. The ancient country of Egypt houses many of the most beautiful women in the world.

But, what happened to Rwanda, and why is it obviously not in the list?  Does this tell us that Mugabe nation (Zimbabwean) even has more pretty women than Rwanda? Just wondering anyway!


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