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Moving Houses, Then Here Are Tips To Remember When Decorating A Space

Every house is different in terms of decorations, atmosphere, environment and size. While some people would prefer to decorate with big frames of pictures or effigies, others might prefer to maintain a minimum settings of miniature porcelain dolls or mix-match of travel souvenirs, arts and designs or just plain old barely accentuated wall and furniture.

If you find yourself in any of the categories mentioned above, but do not want to go through the stress that comes with decorating or just low on budget and still want something good, then the good news is that there are lots of quality, cheap colorful wall papers in the marker to suit the taste and needs of everyone

It is quite easy to pin on the wall with so many online tutorials for DIY decors.

By the end of pinning it up, you’re well on your way to making yourself a beautiful place.

For compact and large spaces, the tips below should help you through your decorations:

    1. Sticker

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They are cheap, affordable and easy to stick on any surface.

     2. Decor Hangings

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These ranges from chandeliers, dream catchers, hanging fans, lanterns, ceiling decorations etc. They bring vibrance to any space.

     3. Photo Frames

We all love to attach faces and images to our fondest memories of loved ones, and unforgettable experiences… and the best way to go about this is put the captured moments in a frame and place anywhere in the house.

     4. Paintings And Artwork

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For those who cannot afford Mona-Lisa, there are many tutorials online on how to turn a scribble to a masterpiece that can be hung anywhere in the house you deem fit.

     5. Artificial Flowers

These are great alternates to real flowers and are allergy free. They look realistic and lasts much longer.

     6. Clocks

     7. Wall Colors

Accentuated wall colors either by blending with the furniture and floor or contrasting, makes it all worthwile.

     8. Collectibles And accessories

Trinkets, arts, knitted pom poms, pebbles amongst other things can make a whole unique difference to the look of your house.

Do not forget, a clean house beats a million dollars unkempt house any day.

Article by Obisesan Grace