Tips On How To Host In The Chill Of Winter

Inviting people over can be a very stressful experience, especially in winter. Here are few tips to help with that.

Heat: In terms of keeping your guests warm, she suggest investing in a thermal heater or fire pit, also, keep dinner party numbers small.

Create a bar: You can hire a bar, but it is easy enough to set an area aside to create your bar inside the house.

Music: Play varied sounds to accommodate everyone.

Food: Why not suggest a buffet set up if you’re entertaining many people. It also allows you to have a variety of foods to tickle their taste buds. You can serve samp, mogodu and maotwana and on the other hand, you can serve beer breads, grilled corn and leg of lamb. For dessert, you can serve some warm malva pudding and blueberry deserts that ooze decadence.  

How to set up your space

  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Put your buffet food station under the light, anything can be improved with good lighting
  • Be smart with the space you have, turn your home into a chill zone
  • Keep it simple, less is more. No need for fancy items. Your food is all the attraction you will need
  • Set up a dance section, where guests will party the night away

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