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Tinder Is Preparing To Launch Its Tv Series Next Month

Dating app Tinder is working on a choose-your-own-adventure-style video series which could launch next month.

The series will reportedly follow a series of characters faced with an impending apocalypse, and will be available to watch directly through the Tinder app.

Viewers will be able to control character decisions through swipes in the app, and the series will reportedly comprise six episodes and more than two hours of content.

Sources at Tinder confirmed that the show would be centred around the question “Who would you spend your last night alive with?” and could launch on conventional streaming platforms in future, although it is reportedly filmed using vertical video for consumption on smartphones.

The project was directed by Karena Evans, who has worked on music videos for Drake, and the show reportedly had a budget of more than $5 million.

This report follows the launch of Facebook Dating, which would compete heavily with Tinder in the online and app-based dating market.

The two platforms use different mechanisms to match users, although Facebook may have an advantage in that all of its features are available for free to users, while Tinder charges a subscription fee for unrestricted access to the app.


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