TikTok Will Soon Begin Developing Games And You’ll Have To Just Deal With It, Boomer

The insanely popular app has reportedly opened up a gaming division with over 1000 employees currently developing the company’s first game.

Alright, listen up, you old farts. I’m the youngest person here by a good couple of years so it’s my duty to explain to you all what the Hell TikTok is…just as soon as I do some Googling on it. TikTok took the world by surprise towards the beginning of 2019, functioning as the rebranded version of Users are able to sync themselves up to all sorts of music to create their own “unique” take on whatever piece of audio is played over their actions. Creators can collaborate, chat and edit all their short videos within the app itself which has lead to an absolute explosion of content online from young and old people alike, with the vast majority being…well, you can imagine. TikTok is seemingly branching out from the abundance of Aheago clips and uncomfortably erotic lip syncs of Die Antwoord as it announces that it soon be breaking into video games.

As reported by Bloomberg, ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok has begun developing “hardcore or non-casual games.” Still currently in extremely early phases of development, TikTok’s gaming division is reportedly already employing over 1000 individuals and is working on an MMO that will have “Chinese fantasy elements”. That’s roughly all we know at this point but we ByteDance did specify that the game will launch both in China and around the world and is set to release later this year alongside another currently unnamed project.

ByteDance is seemingly going all-in on this venture as it has drawn in some top talent to creator its games. Wang Kuiwu, executive over at Perfect World, will be leading the division. Beyond individuals, ByteDance has also gone out of its way to acquire a host of China based studios to support their development efforts, including Shanghai Mokun Digital Technology and According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, ByteDance has the potential to throw a huge spanner in the works of the game space and goes on to label it as a “big disruptor” due to the already huge userbase that’s been established over TikTok’s lifetime. Only time will tell if ByteDance can take videos of people dancing to popular music and translate it into video games. Worked for Ubisoft, I guess.


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