Thunderstorms Expected To Rage In Pretoria Till Wednesday

Pretorians can expect a 60 percent chance of afternoon thundershowers on Monday and Tuesday, according to the South African weather service.

Monday started off with cloudy conditions and light rain was expected for most of the day.

“We are expecting thundershowers later this afternoon into the evening with cool to warm temperatures of between 26°C and 27°C,” said weather service forecaster Bransby Bulo.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy in the morning, said Bulo.

“A 30 percent chance of late afternoon thundershowers into the evening is expected on Wednesday.”

He said there will be warm to hot conditions with no rain on Thursday and Friday.

Monday’s temperatures will reach a maximum of 28° C.

For Tuesday, the maximum is expected to be 29° C from a minimum of 18° C.

Wednesday will start off with a minimum of 17° C to reach a maximum of 30° C.

Temperatures for Thursday will peak at a maximum of 29°C, with a minimum of 18° C.

There will be a slight drop in temperatures on Friday with a minimum of 15° C and a maximum of 27° C.


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