Three Basic Makeup Tools Every Woman Should Own

Foundation brush 

Foundation is the basis of any makeup application. It evens out the skin tone and gives you the complexion you require – matte, radiant and flawless. When choosing a foundation, make sure you go for one that will “disappear” into the skin.

It’s essential to use a foundation brush to apply, distribute and blend foundation onto the skin. Although you could use your finger to apply foundation, a brush ensures a smooth, even and flawless finish.

Celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey, cited in Refinery, doesn’t encourage the use of sponges. “Sponges absorb more product, which just means you’re going to go through your foundation more quickly. Brushes don’t waste product, and you can build coverage more easily.”

Blusher brush 

Applying the perfect blush will instantly brighten up your face and give you that glow-up. When buying blush, go for a colour that enhances your skin tone – but be careful not to over-do it. Bailey advises going for a brush that’s soft and round.

‘Brow brush 

What’s the perfect face beat without fleeking eyebrows? There are various product formulations you can choose to fill your eyebrows, including powders, gels and pencils.

Elizabeth Arden makeup artist Gina Meyers says when defining ‘brows, start by defining the bottom of your eyebrow by creating a straight line from the start of your eyebrow to your arch. Apply soft pressure to begin with and increase the pressure as you reach the arch to create more definition.

Finish the line to the end of your ‘brow, drawing down and following your hairline, maintaining the pressure from your arch.

Finally, line the top of your ‘brow with just enough pressure to create more definition. The line should not be as dark as the bottom line.


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