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This TikTok User Left Out Free Hand Sanitizer And Toilet Paper For Delivery Drivers

Life might seem a bit grim right now as many of us try to adjust to our new normal with the spread of the coronavirus and the lockdowns and stay-in-place orders that followed in order to help quell the pandemic.

But even during this difficult time, many people are helping to spread hope and joy to those around us, including the essential workers who have to continue to show up for the public in these scary and unprecedented times.

One YouTuber, Evan Era, set up a surprise for his delivery drivers, leaving his excess hand sanitizer and toilet paper outside his front door, free for them to take.

“Delivery Drivers: Take it if you need it! Thank you for your hard work!” he wrote on a sign next to the supplies as shown by a video shared to his TikTok.

“Take care of the people who are taking care of you. stay safe my friends,” he wrote in the caption.

Footage from the front door shows one surprised delivery driver rolling up and knocking on the door in disbelief to make sure it was okay to take a pack of toilet paper and a hand sanitizer.

“Aw man, you a lifesaver, thank you. I went to Walmart, it’s kind of hard, though,” the courier could be heard saying. “I didn’t get toilet paper…thank you, I appreciate it.”

“Thank you for working hard, man,” Era countered. “I appreciate it.”

Let’s all remember to spread a little love and kindness during these unprecedented times, in whatever way we can!


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