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This Teacher Uses Hip Hop Dance To Teach Students Mathematics

I disliked Mathematics at school, but if I’d had Kurt Minnaar as my teacher, I might have felt differently. 

Minnaar is a teacher and ‘Mathdancer’ who believes that “dance is a universal language that we all can relate to”, and he uses his smooth moves to teach Maths to his pupils. 

The video he recently shared on social media is going viral, for good reason. In the clip, he can be seen doing what he calls a ‘Mathdance’ in class. 

He doesn’t only dance alone but encourages the students to get involved too. He says “Music and Dance is social, collaborative and fun and that’s exactly what we need in our classrooms”.

In his next video clip, he shared an amalgamation of music and a bit of dance between him and the pupils as they learn their multiples.

Maths has never looked so fun!


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