This Is Why We Should Be Kind To Others

We should all strive to be kind to one another. There’s nothing wrong with looking out for your neighbor but sadly not everyone is capable of this.

In today’s world, people would rather only look out for themselves than keep an eye out for the next man. This is not without reason – a lot of the time, looking out for one person or the other inevitably drags the helper into one drama or the other.

However, this is not always the case. Most times being kind to others is more rewarding than costly. In the circle of life, what goes around comes around, if you doubt this – here are five reasons why you should be kind to others.

It Costs Nothing Of You

It literally takes nothing from you to be kind to the next person you see. If you were to smile at the next person you see or give a little extra the next time you tip your waitress, you’ll realize that it requires no extra effort to do a good deed.

Once you put out positive vibes into the universe, positive vibes will find you. There’s a reason why good people are always happy-go-lucky and mean people are always unhappy or cranky – it’s because whatever you put out there will always return to you.

So if you put out a little kindness in the universe, it will take nothing from you and someone else will be kind to you.

Be kind to others

You Don’t Know What They Are Going Through

You have no idea who is battling depression, who is suicidal or who is having a terrible day. Because of that, you do not realize exactly the power your kind actions can have.

There are many reasons why you should be kind to others but here’s another one, being kind to someone who is having the worst day is enough to cheer them up. Also, showing love to someone who is feeling suicidal is enough to restore their faith in humanity.

Because you don’t know who is going through what, it only makes sense that you should show a little bit of kindness to everyone, you don’t know whose life you might be helping out.

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It Is Satisfying To Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

Sometimes, being helpful to someone who can never be able to return the favor is reward enough; seeing someone happy because of something you did is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts

There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that you are the reason for someone else’s smile and joy. Consider this if you have no reason to be kind to others.

So next time, you see that beggar (or less fortunate) you usually just pass by, surprise him and tip him/her more than they would have expected; the sheer joy on their face at your kindness will be enough for you to consider spending all your days being kind to everyone you meet.

Be kind to others

Someone Else Will Be Kind To You

This was mentioned earlier but to expound on that, once you do a good deed, someone else will be kind to you – it’s the circle of life; call it karma, if you will. You only have the right to be mean to someone else if people have only ever been mean to you.

So if there’s anybody anywhere in the world that has been kind to you, then you ought to pay it forward by choosing to be kind to others; it only makes sense.

However, if people have only been mean to you, ask yourself how it made you feel. If you didn’t like it when others were mean to you, why choose then to be mean to others and continue the vicious cycle.

The fact that people have ever been kind to you in the past and people will be kind to you in the future is good enough reason to be kind to others today.

Imagine If Everyone In The World Was Kind

There are a lot of cruel people in the world perpetuating cruel deeds – and that is what breeds hate. However, if kindness and kind deeds were more occurring than cruelty, then love will grow.

A lot of misfortune in the world would actually be non-existent if people were merely kinder to one another, all our differences would be seen as an opportunity to learn from each other, not as a reason to hate each other.

Can you imagine all the pointless fights and quarrels that would have been averted if everyone would just be good to each other? If you think being kind to one person does not make a difference in the world, can you imagine what it will be like if LITERALLY everybody in the world was kind to the next.

The world is full on endless opportunities to let love grow, for that reason, we should cease every opportunity we can to be kind to others – what could it hurt to do so?


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