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This is How Mzansi Poked Fun at Couple’s Height Difference: “Longest Relationship I’ve Ever Seen”

On Wednesday, social media user @TakaTina1 posted a couple of photos of a couple, who has quite the height difference.

“This long distance relationship will end soon, n**ga must watch his head when walking, almost bumped his head with my Helicopter the other day..walks like he owns the skies,” he captioned the post.

Now, although we are taught that love comes in all shapes and sizes, South Africans did not let it hold them back in a Twitter roast of the tall man and his much shorter bae.


Mbalenhle dos Santos Aveiro, who goes by the Twitter handle @kaRonaldo_Entle, wrote: “The longest relationship I’ve ever seen.”

Annie Ann, ‏ @AnnieModiba, added: “The long distance must be killing poor guy.”

Makatsela,‏ @katsela_ndosi, joked: “I heard this guy is giving community troubles when he’s drunk. Eskom has complained too about him balancing with street wires and street poles when drunk. He must be called into order.”

Another tweep, @gratitudespain, wrote: “They are in different time zones”

Twitter user @steady_jd commented: “Love is in the air.”


Luckily, the couple has friends who support them- literally!


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