These Are The Top 10 Most Popular Second-Hand Cars In South Africa Right Now – With Prices And Mileage

A total of 38,884 used cars were sold in South Africa in November 2019, with a total listing price of over R11.2 billion. This compares to 39,167 cars worth R11.3 billion in October 2019.

These figures come from AutoTrader’s Monthly Used Car Sales Data. AutoTrader is the largest automotive digital marketplace in South Africa, and can therefore provide insight into trends within the used car market.

AutoTrader chief executive officer, George Mienie, said that the 10 most-sold cars generally account for a substantial portion of total sales – and November was no exception.

“They accounted for over 11,000 sales, or 28% of total sales. The popular Audi A3 dropped off the top 10 list and was replaced by Ford EcoSport. It was a good month for Ford; other changes on the top 10 list include the Ford Fiesta moving up one position. The Toyota Fortuner moved down one position,” he said.

Mienie said that the most searched for brands remained the same as October with the only change coming from Land Rover (which moved up one position) and Nissan (which moved down one position).

In terms of geographical sales, the Volkswagen Polo was dethroned by the Ford Ranger in KwaZulu-Natal. The Volkswagen Polo and Isuzu D-Max tied in first place in the Northern Cape.


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