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The top 5 most seductive wigs

The top 5 most seductive wigs

Do you want to know which wigs are the most seductive? The ones who can draw all eyes and attention to themselves? We did a survey with single men in Johannesburg, trying to understand what types of wigs catch their attention and what makes them so irresistible. 

What we found out is that different styles of wigs will attract the attention of different types of men. It seems obvious, but at the same time a bit more complicated. That is why we decided to build the list below, explaining what the most seductive wigs are for each type of guy. 

If you find below that you would like to change your hairstyle to be able to attract a different type of guy, just remember that there are many wigs for sale in Johannesburg at any point in time, and at the end of this list we will make sure we give you some tips on where and how to find the best deals.

The Romantics

Fringes are romantic looks, and when the fringe is pushed a little bit to the side, touching the eyes, it becomes irresistible for some guys. It seems that this style of hair makes the woman kind of enigmatic but also delicate. These are attributes that attract romantics who like to spend time getting to know their partners.

The fun guys

Anything red, ginger, orange, or caramel-haired will attract their attention straight away These are the only hair colours that convey meaning on their own. Men believe that if you have this colour of hair, you probably enjoy having fun, detest being bored, have a sense of humour, and prefer to keep things light-hearted. That is exactly what this type of man is looking for. If that is you or the image you want to bring out, you should definitely try some wigs in these colours. There are so many options of wigs for sale in Johannesburg in this style that you won’t have too much of a hard time finding the perfect one for you.

The over-achievers

These guys love any type of long and curly wig. The bigger the volume, the more attention it will attract. Long-curly-haired women seem to be smart, dynamic, very expressive and with a little bit of aggression, which are characteristics of a woman with a strong personality. Over-achievers love a little challenge, which is why they tend to fall in love with girls who wear lots of long curly wigs.

The ones looking for a meaningful relationship

The best hairstyles to attract the attention of these guys are the short bobs. Try out some waves to spice up your look and you will convey the image that you are successful, smart but also easy-going! Short bobs are classic but still sexy when you show parts of your neck while perfectly framing your face. The great news is that French bobs are on trend this season in South Africa, so you will find many of them for sale in Johannesburg at the moment.

The hot guys

These men are mostly attracted to long straight or wavy hair. Long wigs call everyone’s attention, even from girls – and let’s just agree that this type of man enjoys getting noticed. It can be perfectly straight or perfectly wavy, as long as it looks well maintained and perfectly styled. Combine this style of hair with strong make-up and high-reels and you might see a hot guy following you with his eyes everywhere you go.

Just remember, this is research and because of that, it does not represent the totality of what men find or not attractive. We had so much fun building this list, and we think you will have much more fun testing all the styles out and seeing what happens in real life.

After looking at this list, I imagine that some of us will be looking for some different wigs for sale in Johannesburg. If you are thinking about it, don’t forget to look at LolaSilk. This brand is growing very fast all-over South Africa, and they always have a great selection of synthetic and Brazilian hair wigs for sale with free shipping inside the country.

When you start the search for a new wig (even if you don’t care about what men will think), start by typing on Google “wigs for sale Johannesburg“. You will see a huge list of suppliers. Don’t get discouraged – there are only a handful of them that are actually professionals. Click on the ones that call your attention and check out their websites. If it doesn’t look professional, move to the next one until you find the brands that are worth giving it a second look. It is very easy to find wigs for sale in Johannesburg, but not so easy to spot the ones that you can definitely trust.

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