The rock art of South Africa

The San inhabited the Drakensberg and elsewhere in South Africa from the Stone Age until the nineteenth century. Living under sandstone overhangs or in temporary grass shelters, they left some of the finest examples of rock art in the world.

San rock painting in the central Drakensberg, KwaZulu-NatalSan rock art on display at the Constitutional CourtSan rock paintings in Bushmanskloof, Cederberg region, Western CapeSan rock painting, KwaZulu-NatalSan rock art paintings at Shelter Cave, Kamberg, KwaZulu-NatalSan rock painting, KwaZulu-NatalSan rock painting, KwaZulu-NatalSan rock paintings in the Cederberg region of the Western CapeSan rock painting, KwaZulu-NatalGame pass shelter at Bushmans Cave Museum, Giants Castle, Kamber in KwaZulu-NatalSan rock paintings, KwaZulu-NatalThe Coldstream StoneSan rock art at Vanderkloof in the Northern CapeThe Zaamenkomst Panel from the Maclear district of the southern DrakensbergThe Linton painting, a superb example of San rock art from the farm Linton in the Eastern CapeDetail of the Linton paintingDetail of the Linton paintingSan rock art on display at Constitution Hill in JohannesburgLater rock art by farmer communities in LimpopoSan rock art from the Cederberg region of the Western CapeSan rock art at Silverstreams Farm in the Underberg region of KwaZulu-NatalSan rock paintings near Maclear in the Eastern CapeBoulder engraving depicting antelopes - the European couple was added laterDancing women wearing traditional leather aprons and ostrich egg-shell knee braceletsA band of hunters with weaponsTwo superimposed rheboks, the second with its head downRock painting of giraffe, from ZimbabweSan rock painting showing a hunter with bow and arrow and his prey
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