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The Reasons Why Local Celebrities Love Durban

Durban’s locals, with their laid-back and friendly attitudes, have always known that their coastal city has everything they need when it comes to entertainment, events, beaches, affordability and great food. And now the rest of the world has also been enticed by the allure of this KwaZulu-Natal subtropical paradise.

We recently caught up with a few local celebrities and got their take on why they had chosen Durban over other popular South African destinations. This is what they had to say:

Bontle Modiselle

“With close to perfect weather for the perfect getaway, Durban is a melting pot of beautiful beaches; rich heritage and culture; amazing food; leisure; entertainment; epic nightlife and events; and wildlife, both on land and at sea. With so many options, who wouldn’t want to go on vacation in Durban?”

Matthew Mole

“Durban has been one of my favourite places to go to since my first visit as a child. There’s an amazing atmosphere throughout the entire city, but my favourite thing above all is the people! I’ve made some of my best friends in Durban.”

Zuraida Jardine

“Durban is an essential destination to travel to, mainly because it’s an experiential city. From the warmth of its people to the local cuisine, coastline and climate, Durban is a city that truly has it all.”

And there you have it, the stars have spoken. But Durban is so much more than just beaches and bunny chows. The local eThekwini Municipality continues to invest substantially into the Golden Mile beachfront, and external interest in the development of the city is also growing.

Chris Jaftha

“Durban has warm beaches, great people and the coast line is just amazing. The nightlife is small but great – it makes for a more intimate holiday. And one can’t forget to mention the food: from bunny chows and Indian cuisine to some of the best seafood restaurants in the country, Durban has it all.”


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