The Most Tweeted African Country

Egypt tweeted the most in Africa with 450 million tweets in 2015 followed by Nigeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana with 350 million, 325 million, 76 million and 65 million geo-located tweets respectively.

These statistics were published in the third “How Africa Tweets” report released on April 6, 2016 by Portland, a London-based integrated communications agency, which analysed 1.6 billion geo-located tweets and the top 5,000 hashtags on the continent in 2015.

Since the initial study in 2012, political tweets in Africa have grown to 10 percent with Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Burundi and Egypt being the most active in political conversations.

“Hashtags about the Nigerian Presidential Elections and strife in Burundi were among some of the most popular and widespread hashtags across Africa,” the report stated adding that interest in politics transcended national borders.

The report indicated that English is the most dominant language on Twitter in Africa with 77% of tweets against Arabic and French with 7% and 4% respectively out of the top 5000 hashtags analysed.

Twitter was generally used less in Africa for commercial campaigns as compared to other parts of the world, according to the report.


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