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The Man Accused of Starting Alex Fire Escapes Angry Mob After Police Intervention

A man who was believed to have begun the fire in Alexandra informal settlement on Thursday barely got away with his life after police saved him. It is alleged that the man began the fire after he had a fight with his lover.

The man was then found by furious occupants who wanted to stone him. He is as of now in police care.

Various shacks on London Road and eighteenth Avenue went up on fire.

Disaster relief non-governmental organisation Gift of the Givers teams are currently on site in Alex and reported that the fire is still smouldering. The number of homes destroyed, people displaced, deaths and injuries have not yet been confirmed.

The teams have assisted a mother who gave birth amidst the fire, as well as another mother of four who lost all her possessions in the fire, their logistics centre in Bramley confirmed.

The rest of the victims are being registered and transported to a nearby hall by Gift of the Givers, where they will be provided with food, water, blankets and mattresses. They added that further interventions to assist victims will follow on Saturday.


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