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The Five Best Restaurants in South Africa; Which Are Also Ranked The Best in The World


The restaurants were ranked in the 2019 La Liste, which comprises 1,184 top restaurants around the world, all of which scored 80 points or higher in the group’s analysis.

La Liste is inspired by “meta-classifications” used in the academic field (Shanghai ranking), sports (ATP) or other domains (movies, gaming): for each restaurant, the group summarises the evaluations available online or on paper.

A total of 620 sources were used, from the most established ones (Michelin, New York Times, etc) to the most recent ones (Cubapaladar, the first Cuban guide, Chinese “Black Pearl” Guide, etc).

Restaurant Mosaic, meanwhile, has had a record-breaking 2018, with the restaurant and its chef, Chantel Dartnell picking up notable awards and accolades.

Mosaic at the Orient was named the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in the country at the 13th annual Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA) Rosetta Awards. It was also given a RASA Award for innovation, elegance and style of international prestige.

The Tourism & Hospitality Counsel of South Africa meanwhile also named Dartnall as Best Chef for 2018, and Restaurant Mosaic as Best Restaurant for 2018.

On top of its placing on the La Liste rankings for 2019, Mosaic also received the 2019 La Liste Award for the Best Wine List in the world.

Here are the top five restaurants in South Africa, which have ranked among the world’s best 1,000.

161 – The Test Kitchen, Cape Town

187 – Mosaic at The Orient, Pretoria

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319 – The Restaurant at Waterkloof, Cape Town

354 – Greenhouse, Cape Town

410 – La Colombe, Cape Town

434 – Chef’s Warehouse, Cape Town


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