“The Boers Are Busy Guys”-Says Malema Following AfriForum Bulk SMS

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a screenshot of a bulk SMS that has been circulating, which appears to be from lobby group AfriForum.

“Malema must pay. AfriForum and Gerri Nel will continue putting pressure and following up privately. Your contributions and membership makes this possible. Join by answering with YES,” the message says in Afrikaans.

Malema shared the message with the caption “The Boers are busy guys…”.

This follows AfriForum holding a media briefing where they displayed a banner, displaying the slogan “Is Malema off to jail soon?” in Afrikaans.

At the briefing, they announced the details of three cases their private prosecution unit was pursuing against the EFF leader.

These involve alleged tender fraud related to the On Point Engineering scandal, which dates back to 2012, the alleged assault of a uniformed police officer by Malema as well as EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, and the alleged firing of an assault rifle by Malema during the party’s fifth birthday celebrations.

It was reported on Wednesday that AfriForum’s decision to try and prosecute Malema resulted in a twar between the EFF leader and the lobby group’s deputy CEO, Ernst Roets.

Malema started it by sharing a mocking video, to which Roets responded that the group’s court cases against the EFF leader were not personal.

“It’s only because of your inclination to criminality and the fact that you act (and are regarded as) above the law,” said Roets.

“You are a small boy and everything about you and your team is small,” Malema hit back at the AfriForum deputy CEO.

The twar then escalated further, with Roets responding to this with “…everything except your financial contribution to our organisation”, referring to the costs orders AfriForum has won against the EFF, of which The Citizen reported that R200,000 has not yet been paid, with the lobby group’s CEO Kallie Kriel saying at Wednesday’s media briefing that there have been five cost orders in total, of which the party has already paid three.

“I’m happy you agree that you are small and our financial contribution is big because black is big and you won’t finish it. Your ancestors tried and failed; you too will fail. You will never finish black, because black is big,” Malema said.

“Great sense of humour. We’re sending you a framed certificate that says: ‘Thank for your substantial financial contribution to AfriForum”. [Kallie Kriel] will sign it. It also has a little picture of a smiling De la Rey. It will be beautiful in the EFF’s boardroom,” was Roets’ comeback.

“Black is big, undisputed fact. In a revolution, size matters, small boy,” was Malema’s final tweet on the subject.


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