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Taxi Violence Shooting In Marabastad Leaves Two Dead

Two people were shot and killed and two others hospitalised after a taxi violence shooting in Marabastad in Pretoria this morning.

Two bodies were still in the front seat of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter taxi that was surrounded by bullet cases.

Police forensic investigators are already on the scene while pathologists are still expected to come and remove the bodies.

Pedestrians said the shooting jammed the Pretoria to Johannesburg line as the taxi took passengers between the two cities.

Some spectators said they arrived at the scene early when the blood was still leaking from the taxi into the ground.

The police said they cannot yet confirm if the deceased are taxi drivers, but it’s alleged they are drivers and died a horrible death.

One of the deceased’s body had slid from the seat to his knees, with his head resting on the lap of the one who was in the driver’s seat.

Passer-by Enoch Mashaba said: “This is really horrible. We believe the shooters shot a lot of rounds at these poor people and left them dead.

“It’s so sad to watch their bodies like that and it’s scary. What has the world gone to, for people to order a hit to end other people’s lives. This is really sad.

“We are here still waiting for pathologists to at least come and collect the bodies. We hope the police will also make arrests, this cannot be allowed to keep happening.”

A man who asked not to be named said they believed the four people shot are drivers who were either sleeping or resting in this taxi.

He alleged they drove taxis that belonged to one owner.

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