Taxi Drivers To Earn More In South Africa

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The Labour Department has stipulated new minimum wage levels for the taxi industry, which sees salaries increasing by an average of 6 percent.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, it said that, as of August 1, an employer would need to pay the increased wage for both taxi drivers and rank marshals.

Taxi drivers will now be earning R3 218, an increase of R 188 per month. The weekly wage for taxi drivers has increased from R697 to R742 and an hourly increase of just less than R1.

Rank marshals’ minimum wage will increase monthly from R2 414.63 to R2 564.33; weekly from R557.26 to R591.81 and hourly from R11.60 to R12.32.

The department adds, if an employer intends having the employee sleep over at a place other than where they reside, the employer needs to either pay the staff member R349 per night, an increase of R20, or is expected to arrange accommodation.

The monthly salaries of other unspecified employees working in the sector will increase from R2 112 to R 2 243, with a weekly wage of R517 and R10.78 hourly.


Source: Iol.co.za


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