Suspect in Bishop Lavis Principal Stabbing a Parolee

It has been understood that one of the suspects who stabbed a Bishop Lavis principal is a parolee.

Wayne Abrahams was stabbed at the Bishops School of Skills earlier this week. He is in a critical condition in hospital.

The stabbing is believed to be a revenge attack for a gang-related shooting at the institution last month.

The Western Cape Education Department officials say Abrahams had been receiving threats warning him against proceeding with a disciplinary hearing against the alleged shooter.

Education MEC Debbie Schafer said: “What I did hear from our chief director is that one of the assailants was allegedly out on parole. We are trying to make sure that he is rearrested if he has breached his parole conditions, which I am sure he must have, by engaging in this kind of action.”


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