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Which Supermarket Makes SA’s Most Decadent Peppermint-caramel Dessert? – Find out here….

There’s no denying South Africans have a real sweet spot for Peppermint Crisp pudding. To help you buy the best, we put peppermint-caramel desserts from three leading supermarkets to the taste test


We put out a call to Sunday Times Food readers to be part of our panel of tasters.

They came together on a Saturday morning and were presented with three peppermint-caramel desserts from leading supermarkets – with no branding – on separate plates.

Auditor Jade Craig was on hand to monitor the objectivity of the blind-tasting process, from removing the packaging to numbering the products, overseeing the preparation and adding up the score sheets.



First place: Woolworths Peppermint caramel dessert 430g

Judges’ comments: The dessert was topped with chocolate shavings, which gave it points in the appearance category. Some felt it was too soft with layers that bled into each other. General consensus was that it tasted delicious. “This dessert passed with flying colours – great textures, smooth and crunchy,” said one taster.

Price: R69.99


Second place: Pick n Pay Caramel mint dessert 430g

Judges’ comments: Tasters approved of the appearance of this dessert: it had clearly defined layers. The crunchy biscuit base was said to add good texture and the flavour was described as satisfactorily “pepperminty”. Some thought the caramel layers were too light, “more like a mousse”.

Price: R59


Third place: Checkers Peppermint crunch dessert 450g

Judges’ comments: Tasters acknowledged that the “artificial” flavour of the cream could be because it was of vegetable origin – suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians, as indicated on the label. The peppermint flavour met with the panel’s approval, although some said they couldn’t taste the caramel and others found the texture heavy.

Price: R59.99


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