Supermarket Contemplating Lawsuit After Jelly Baby Incident with Cashier

Jelly Babie, a Bacardi singer and dancer, could face legal action after filming herself criticizing a worker at a supermarket shop.

Following the video showed Jelly Babie and a cashier having a verbal disagreement, Big Save issued a statement addressing the situation. In the statement, the supermarket stated that their top concern is their staff, and they will go to any length to safeguard them.

The video of Jelly Babie’s furious exchange with the clerk, which she shared on TikTok, went viral.

In the video, Jelly Babie can be heard criticizing the woman, claiming she is worthless. The shop also stated that Jelly Babie recorded the woman without her permission.

@MDNnewss re-shared the statement, stating:

“Big Save, where the cashier works, is considering taking legal action against Jelly Babie after the incident that took place.”

The Bacardi dancer apologized for her behavior, and it appeared that they had smoked the peace pipe.

Recently, she posted a photo of herself and the lady with the branch workers.

South Africans did not hold back on the memes, and many grilled Jelly Babie for not finishing school.


“I’ll only forgive her if she can write maths Paper2 and pass with atleast 97%”

fortunate enuf:

“Only doing it for her own benefit; if she had nothing to lose, she wouldn’t have gone back.”


“Apology not accepted! Maybe in 5 years time.”


“Lost so many followers so quick she had to apologise.”


“Even after she made peace with the lady y’all still commenting nonsense. What must she say? You guys have no peace.”

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