Superfan, Annie, Watches Bohemian Rhapsody Movie 80 Times in a Period of Four Months

A pensioner has proved she’s the ultimate Queen fan after watching the film Bohemian Rhapsody a staggering 80 times and spending more than £500 (R9 000) on tickets.

Annie Hunter (68) from Walsall, England, has spent a total of 10 640 minutes watching the film.

Seeing almost every available screening of the biopic, which tells the story of rock band Queen’s late frontman, Freddie Mercury, she’s attended both on her own and with friends.

After spending £500 on tickets – despite receiving some free viewings from Showcase Cinema staff – Annie has watched the film 80 times in four months.

The staff at the cinema decided to treat her to a private screening on 20 February to thank her for her dedication.

“I made it a one-woman mission to make critics like the film because lead actor Rami Malek had done such an amazing job,” said Annie, who’s a retired social worker.

“I’m madly in love with Rami because he’s made every movement in the film an exact likeness of Freddie Mercury.

“I hadn’t heard of Rami Malek before, but I adored Freddie, which is why I’ve watched it more than 80 times.

“I’ve always loved the cinema but I’ve never spent so much money on one film before.

“I can’t get enough of it. The whole thing is amazing.”

Despite it being slammed by many critics, Annie believes the film is one of the best movies of all time.

“The film has given me a new lease on life as I’ve made lots of new friends after meeting strangers outside the cinema to watch the film with me.

“I ask everybody coming in the cinema if they’ve seen the film or if they’re going to – and if they haven’t, why not?

“Everyone I’ve talked to said it was brilliant and I’ve seen people looking for themselves in the film, as many who go to see it were at the Live Aid concert back in 1985.”

The pensioner has fond memories of the original era of Queen.

“When watching the Live Aid concert on TV I saw the atmosphere really come alive when Freddie stepped out onto stage.

“And that’s where it all began for me. He was so innovative and so ahead of his time.”


Written by How South Africa

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