“Stop Lying” – Wits Students Interrupts BBC Interview

Wits University

A Wits University student disrupted a BBC interview demanding that another student, who was being interviewed at the time, “stop lying”.

Footage of the confrontation has emerged on social media. In the video recording, a student who identifies herself as a Wits University student doctor is seen shouting at what appears to be a BBC producer and a fellow student.

The student is seen disrupting the BBC interview by reporter Karen Allen demanding that a fellow student tell the truth about students’ struggles.

“What about the financially excluded students? What about the students who were arrested?” she asks.

A BBC producer then demands that the student refrain from raising her voice in a children’s ward.

The student then turns her attention to the BBC producer.

“I’m a student, I have every right to be here. I’m a medical student, I have every right to be here,” the Wits student says.

The student continues to shout at the fellow student doctor “not to lie”.

In a second video the BBC producer is seen telling the student to stop shouting because she is being disruptive.

“Who am I disturbing?” she asks.

The student claims that the BBC producer “dumped” a baby in her lap demanding that she stop the child from crying and disturbing the interview.

“You dumped the baby on my lap and told me to make the baby shush. You are the one that is

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