I Still Miss Nelson Mandela – Naomi Campbell

South African struggle hero Nelson Mandela touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, including Naomi Campbell

The supermodel, who some consider to be Madiba’s adopted granddaughter, says she still misses ‘Tata Madiba’.

Speaking to Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast team this week, Naomi says the former president was a big inspiration in her life.

“I still miss him, his values and his wisdom. I try to hold onto my memories of him. I learned philanthropy from Madiba, when he spoke about it at that time I did not know exactly what it meant but I learnt [everything] about it from him,” TshisaLive quoted her as saying.

Nelson Mandela month came to an end on Monday, July 31.

People around the world were encouraged to make every day in the month a ‘Madiba Day’ in honour of Mandela Day, which takes place on July 18 – his birthday.

Naomi says Madiba’s “selfless” spirit inspired her to do more charity work.

“You do what you can in your own way, the best way you can. Every bit helps and there’s no magic. You just have to give what you can, and that is one of the things I cherish from him, he would give advice but sometimes he would just hold my hand and I treasure those memories,” she told the hosts.


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