Stellenbosch Students Invents A Mechanism That Saves 3000 Litres Of Water Per Week

Stellenbosch Chemistry students were concerned about their laboratory’s water consumption during the drought in the Western Cape so they developed a mechanism that cools the apparatus and pumps the water back in.

“What we came up with was a simple cooler box system that provides ice cold water to the apparatus, pumping it from the container being a cooler box right back into it.”

“The apparatus and equipment require a lot of water for cooling. Daily it can waste at least 200 litres of water and now the cooler box holds about 25 litres of water including ice.” – Jonathan Hay, PhD student at Stellenbosch University

Jonathan Hay was interviewed by Kieno Kammies on his talk show and the pair discussed how the mechanism has made a big difference in the water consumption of the lab.

Hopefully, this idea can be adapted to other industries that also use high volumes of water.


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