#StateCapture Report: Six Key Quotes From the Madonsela/Zuma Interviews

Thuli Madonsela

As a major aspect of her report entitled State of Capture, Thuli Madonsela talked with President Jacob Zuma and his attorneys. Nando’s has as of now tolled in on the report and you can look at here.

In any case, here are some breaking quotes of the real meeting. You can likewise locate the full transcript beneath.

Thuli Madonsela to President Jacob Zuma:

“We want honest answers that are coming from your heart, not prepared answers.”

“This is not a criminal justice process where you have the right to remain silent.”

“I am concerned though that President, you are the President of the Republic of South Africa and you are employee number one. Normally when we are dealing with people who are responsible for the State, we deal with them and the lawyers they come in where necessary, because it is you who is accountable, Sir. It is you who are employed by the State as its most important employee and then you employ the rest.”

“What difference would it make between today and any other day in how the President recalls these issues? If we are starting with, for example, why did you remove Minister Nene, why do you need somebody to legally advise you, because that is a decision you took yourself without legal advice? You took that decision, exercising your power as an Executive.

“Yes. No, but it is a decision you have already taken, so you don’t need to be advised why you took it, because it is a decision … somebody advised you, you accepted their advice, you have already executed it, sir. So now you just have to tell us why did you take that decision? Now why do you need a Lawyer to be able to tell me why you removed any of those Ministers?

Madonsela to Zuma’s lawyer Michael Hulley:

“No, Sir, you are here to support Mr President, but President Zuma is the one who is employed by the State of South Africa in this capacity. You are employed as his advisor, but not as his mouth. Mister President, I am requesting that we proceed with the answers you can give.”

“No, sorry, sir, the President has a right to legal assistance, not legal representation. You have made that representation. I have now made a ruling that we are going to proceed, but we will focus on the things that the President is going to answer. I’m sorry sir, I cannot be bullied by you.

Full transcript below:




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