How To Spice Up Boring Relationship

relationship, ghosting

Speak Their Love Language
Knowing your partner’s love language is fundamental in a relationship because while you can love someone with every fiber in your body, unless you are conveying that love in a way they can understand it, they’ll never truly feel loved (and desired).

Do New Things Together
This is one area where the biological research is very clear. Doing novel things together, as a couple, will increase dopamine levels in the brain. Romantic connection is largely connected with dopamine, a chemical known to affect emotions.

relationship, ghosting

Be Consistent
“Don’t start nothin’ you ain’t willing to maintain” is another bit of brilliant pre-marital advice I often hear. Committed relationships require something I like to call “sticktoitiveness.” When you think back to the beginning of the relationship, there were dates, flowers, appreciation, compliments, sweet gestures and messages. You also most likely touched a lot more. Go back there.


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