Speed Battle Between Vodacom And MTN

Speed battle between Vodacom and MTN

The April 2017 MyBroadband Speed Test App results reveal that Vodacom has the highest average download speed in South Africa, slightly ahead of MTN.

MyBroadband launched its free speed test app for Android in April, which offers users an easy and ad-free way to test their Internet connection.

The app also provides a map of where users conduct their tests and makes it possible to record and export the speed test results.

In April, 19,138 tests were conducted from thousands of mobile devices – providing a good overview of the local operators’ network performance.

The results show that Vodacom had the highest average download speed in April 2017, at 20.84Mbps – slightly ahead of MTN on 20.82Mbps.

Average Speeds
Operator Download (kbps) Upload (kbps) Latency (ms)
Vodacom 20,836 6,917 61
MTN 20,815 7,753 54
Cell C 12,391 4,330 104
Telkom 10,639 3,596 71

Where the tests were conducted

The images below show where the MyBroadband Speed Test App tests were conducted.

Test Locations

Cape Town



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