Spectacular South Africa Wildlife Photos

South Africa Wildlife Photos

south africa wildlife elephant trunk

An elephant puts its trunk up

south africa wildlife male lion

A lion looks around.

south africa wildlife boar

There are many animals on a safari.

south africa wildlife flowers

A mother and her baby

lion roaring

A lion gives a powerful roar

south africa wildlife giraffe

Two giraffes relaxing in the field

south africa wildlife bird

A bird stretches its neck

hippo swimming

A hippo swims in the water.

south africa wildlife lion

These animals are beautiful.

lion growling

A lion protecting her territory

south africa wildlife elephant

An elephant relaxes


Someone’s tired!

The landscape is changing in South Africa and many of the private game reserves are joining together to open up migration routes for the animals. It’s going to be an exciting time for the country. Before, animals were stocked and trapped on reserves, soon, they’ll be roaming freely across country.


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