Soweto man Receives A Big Donation To Grow His Self Made Company

Alfred Mofokeng followed his dreams and built a good life for himself by working hard as a street sign painter, this is an update of what he has been up to.


In August this year, we shared the inspiring story of Alfred Mofokeng. A man met Alfred during a door-to-door sales pitch, this sales technique helps Alfred out the most and the man decided to let him proceed. The man then shared the story of meeting Alfred on Facebook and it quickly spread across the web.

Alfred started his company ‘Universal Sign Writers’ 16 years ago. His continued dedication and hard work grew his company, which allowed him to build a home for his family. His trade is painting, with a focus on residential numbering and road signs. He paints light reflective numbers on peoples driveways to help make the numbers visible during the evenings. No job is too small for Alfred, maybe this is what sets him apart.

Prominent Paints heard Alfred’s story and decided to make a donation that would help boost his business. They believe in making things better for micro-businesses around them.

“Prominent Paints has donated 80 litres of paint to the micro-business. The paint company hopes its gesture will give the business a boost; a great way to commemorate Heritage Day and celebrate Mofokeng’s entrepreneurial spirit.”

The paint company asked Alfred what message he would share to the youth of South Africa and he said,

“Work hard and never give up on your dreams.” – Alfred Mofokeng

Soweto Man


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