South Africa’s First black-Owned Vodka Empire

Distinkt premium vodka is the brainchild of Kagiso entrepreneurs Sibusiso Sibisi and four of his friends

Three years of hard work will finally be paying off for these entrepreneurs.

Sibisi is a chemistry graduate and is responsible for the start-up’s production division, sourcing raw produce such as potatoes, fruits, wheat and grain from farms around SA. His job also involves mixing chemicals in a laboratory in Durban that was sponsored by the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Sibisi is also an employee at the university.

Distinkt is set to launch in September.

Sibisi leaves marketing, financial management and other technical work to his colleagues. The idea was birthed when Sibisi and his friends saw a demand in the market and a business opportunity for themselves.

He told Sowetan: “We realised that the South African liquor industry was a multi-billion-rand one, but unfortunately relied mostly on imports. We are one of the leading alcohol-consuming countries in the world, but we don’t have much of a stake in the global alcohol industry.

“My friends and I wanted to create a legacy for our families and the next generation. We are passionate about Africans doing things for themselves.”

Distinkt has an alcohol volume of 44% and is set to be certified and accredited by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) within a month.

He submitted the necessary documents two weeks ago. “It’s not a tedious process,” he tells Sowetan. “I have submitted the tax certificate, my ID and company registration documents. I have also sent them emails indicating what type of tests I need.”

Source: Destinyman


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