Here Are South Africa’s Best Unit Trust Managers

Investment research firm, Morningstar, has released its latest analysis of South African asset managers, showing which local firm is delivering the best returns when it comes to unit trusts.

The analysis is designed to compare managed fund ranges across local asset managers by aggregating their Morningstar Ratings – which assigns individual funds a ranking of between one and five stars.

The research is calculated on a quarterly basis and provides an assessment of the risk-adjusted return of all South African-based unit trusts carrying a Morningstar Rating.

The analysis is designed to help investors make meaningful comparisons between investment funds.

Morningstar stressed, however, that the ranking is not designed as a forward-looking tool – and does not indicate the future positioning of asset managers.

“This follows the line that the Morningstar Rating is intended for use as the first step in the fund evaluation process,” it said.

Best asset managers

The ranking shows the best asset managers on an Overall-Weighted and an Asset-Weighted basis, which both have their benefits, the group noted.

The ranking by Overall-Weighted Morningstar Rating mirrors the average quality of the overall fund range, given that all funds are weighted equally.

The Asset-Weighted ranking gives an assessment of an asset manager’s weakness and strength, in light of how investors allocated assets between available investment options within the fund range.

Only asset managers with a minimum of R5 billion in assets and a minimum three-year track record were included.

Top 15 asset managers – Overall-Weighted

# Asset manager Rated assets (Rbn) Score
1 Foord Unit Trusts 77.2 4.75
2 Allan Gray Unit Trust Management 226.7 4.67
3 Truffle Asset Management 8.5 4.67
4 Nedgroup Collective Investments 110.7 3.67
5 Ashburton Management Company 7.2 3.56
6 Prudential Portfolio Managers 77.6 3.55
7 Coronation Management 224.9 3.42
8 Investec Fund Managers 113.8 3.42
9 First Global Group 5.7 3.40
10 Sygnia Collective Investments 10.4 3.33
11 PSG Collective Investments 57.7 3.32
12 Prescient Management 29.5 3.31
13 STANLIB 122.4 3.02
14 Discovery Life Collective Investment 26.4 3.00
15 Oasis Crescent Management 5.2 3.00

Top 15 asset managers – Asset-weighted

# Asset manager Rated assets (Rbn) Score
1 Foord Unit Trusts 77.2 4.92
2 Allan Gray Unit Management 226.7 4.82
3 Truffle Asset Management 8.5 4.41
4 Investec Fund Managers 113.8 4.27
5 Prudential Portfolio Managers 77.6 4.21
6 Sygnia Collective Investments 10.4 3.97
7 Personal Trust International Management 6.2 3.96
8 Coronation Management Co. 224.9 3.90
9 Nedgroup Collective Investments 110.7 3.71
10 PSG Collective Investments 57.7 3.70
11 First Global Group 5.7 3.58
12 Discovery Life Collective Investment 26.4 3.58
13 Ashburton Management Co. 7.2 3.57
14 Prescient Management Co. 29.5 3.51
15 Old Mutual Unit Trusts 107.7 3.30


Source: Business Tech

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