South Africans Supports Makhosi Khoza

South Africans showered former ANC Member of Parliament, Dr Makhosi Khoza, with support on social media platforms after she announced her departure from the ruling party.

“This is no longer the ANC I joined and know. It is an alien disguised by a brand,” said Khoza.

“I, therefore, want to say goodbye new, alien and corrupt ANC. I quit.”

Khoza was heavily criticised by some ANC members for speaking out publicly against President Jacob Zuma.

ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa alleged that Khoza had “uncontrollable personal ambitions to become a minister” and that she felt betrayed.

He told the SABC that Khoza was only relevant while she was in the ANC “but we’ll wait for her resignation letter”.

Opposition parties also weighed in on Khoza’s resignation.

Her decision to leave the ruling party is further proof from one of its own members, that the ANC cannot self correct,” said the DA.

South Africans took to Twitter and rallied behind Khoza:



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