“South Africans Have No Right To Pull The Country Backwards” – President Jacob Zuma

jacob Zuma speaking

President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday that South Africans had no right to pull the country backwards,.

Zuma was unveiling a memorial gravesite for Steve Biko, together with his family and various ministers, in the Eastern Cape in commemoration of Human Rights Day.

Political parties and government are remembering the victims of the 1960 Sharpeville massacre, where police shot dead 69 people during a protest against the country’s pass laws, which were used to control the movement of blacks, coloureds, and Indians.

Addressing media on the sidelines of the unveiling, Zuma said Human Rights Day was an important day in the country that needed to be recognised.

The officials felt that they should be with the Biko family on this day, he said, to thank the family for the contribution they made in the fight for freedom in South Africa.

“And for them to know their contribution will never be forgotten and will be remembered by generations to come,” he said.

It was perfectly fitting for Human Rights Day to be marked in the Eastern Cape to remember the hero 40 years after his death, Zuma said.


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