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South Africa: Sunskill to Improve the Medical Profession


A new clinical training facility seeks to revolutionise the training of doctors at hospitals across South Africa.

Sunskill laboratory aims to use live simulations to train medical professionals.

Officials hope to improve the quality and standard of healthcare in the country.

What do you do in the case of an emergency procedure?

The question teachers of medical doctors hope to answer through training.

They believe it may just halve the time spent on patient visits to hospitals, and even cut down on surgery time.

“What we are doing now is empowering people skill sets in a fully simulated theatre environment, ultimately speeding up the learning curve,  which means we are impacting on the commodity of theatre time in the public sector…if we decrease that time we can significantly impact on the amount of cases we do and the type of cases we do…” Ian Vlok of Stellenbosch University said.

The multi-million rand facility is the result of a collaboration between Stellenbosch University and Medical device company Medtronic.

Medtronic Africa’s Peter Fuller says, the facility in terms of Sunskill and Medtronic will really increase access to better quality of healthcare for patients in South Africa, as healthcare is a critical issue to every government and every community on the planet.

Over 40 neurosurgeons from around the world will converge in Stellenbosch for a workshop on advanced surgery.

The state of the art facility aims to target 1 200 physicians in its first year of operation. The laboratory will go a long way in improving the skills of training surgeons.


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