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South Africa Seeks To Improve Monitoring Of Coastlines

Minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries Senzeni Zokwana says his department is working on improving facilities that work on monitoring SA’s coastlines.

Speaking on AM Live he says: “We are working together with the Department of Defence to make sure we fast track the process.”

This comes as the Fisheries Department says two more suspicious vessels have been spotted around the Eastern Cape coastline and a team has been deployed to search for them.

Nine foreign vessels suspected of illegal fishing were spotted between KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape coastline last week.
They were suspected to be fishing illegally in South African waters.

The vessels were spotted around Durban, Port St Johns, and Cape Recife near Port Elizabeth. Upon monitoring the vessels, their activity seemed suspicious and the fisheries patrol vessel Victoria Mxenge was sent to search for them.

The vessels were discovered on Thursday. They co-operated and agreed to be escorted to the Port of Saldanha for proper inspection. However, during the night these vessels started dispersing in different directions.




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