The South Africa Rugby System is Failing and Won’t Change Soon -Stransky

Joel Stransky

Joel Stransky believes that the South African rugby system was set up to fail 100 years ago and there’s no way that it’s going to change any time soon.

Ahead of next week’s “coaching indaba”, which will be led by Brendan Venter, Stransky told Reuters he doesn’t see the Boks’ fortunes changing any time soon.

“There are maybe a handful of players who could come in to improve the team. The reality is we are set for long-term pain. We need a wholesale change. This system was voted in 100 years ago and the turkeys aren’t going to vote for Christmas to change it. We are setup to fail.”

While 2016 has been a grim year for Bok rugby, Stransky says its by no means the beginning of the decline.

“You cannot look at 2016 in isolation, it is a problem that has been coming for some time and you need to look at the game holistically from grassroots level to the top,” Stransky said.

“The kids coming out of school do not have the same skill-set as in other countries, or are as well coached. The education system plays a major role in that.”

He was also critical of the unions saying that they are not focussed on ensuring the Boks are the best team in the world, but rather on “winning the Currie Cup, winning promotion to the Premier Division or succeeding in Super Rugby.”

And he doesn’t have much hope in the coaching talent either.
“To be frank, in some instances we have got a bunch of inexperienced, amateur coaches leading our top domestic sides,” he said.

“There appears to be no long-term plan, no mentorship and little goes into improving coaching structures. Something needs to change.”


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