South Africa President To Speak At Afrikanerbond Centenary

Remember Marikana

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the Afrikanerbond centennial festivals in Paarl, Western Cape, on Thursday.

As indicated by an announcement discharged by the president’s office, the address is “part of engaging key stakeholders towards building a prosperous South Africa”.

The Presidency says the Afrikanerbond was established on 5 June 1918 to look after the economic and cultural interests of Afrikaners. This year it celebrates its centenary during its national general meeting (bondsraad).

The Presidency says Ramaphosa’s attendance is an opportunity for him to engage the Afrikanerbond openly about his vision for the country, which is to rally all South Africans to do anything they can in their walks of life or circles of influence to build a prosperous and united society.

On its website, the Afrikanerbond says it and its predecessor, the Afrikaner Broederbond, held the hand of Afrikaners through times of “refining, suffering, and war”.


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