South Africa Measures Favourably in Most Indices Says Ratings Agency Moody


Evaluations organization Moody’s says South Africa measures positively in many lists aside from financial development, which has been estimate at 0,5% during the current year.

Touchy’s rates South Africa two indents above sub-venture review with a negative standpoint, and will decide on the nation throughout the following four weeks.

Moody’s South Africa representative Sylvia Chahonyo says that on closer inspection, South Africa is doing well in a number of areas and when looking at a sovereign rating, this needs to be taken into account.

Its counterparts Fitch and Standard & Poor’s Global have their rating one notch just above junk status.

The three agencies have warned that increased political infighting and slower growth is a concern.

The rand has strengthened after charges were dropped against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and two others.

However, there are concerns that it may weaken when the state capture report is released.


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