South Africa Drinking Habit: 5 Fresh Facts You Should Know

South Africa Drinking Habit

South Africa Drinking Habit – A recent study by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has affirmed that South Africans are lovers of alcohol. Beer is the favourite alcoholic beverage.

True, you already know a lot about South Africa drinking habit. You know the country has a lot of citizens who think it’s not a big deal to drink and drive. What you definitely don’t know about South Africa drinking habit are the facts below:

South Africa Drinking Habit

1. Beer Is More Popular Than Vegetables

Generally, South Africans are spending more on beer than vegetables. This was revealed when Stats SA looked into how much South African households spend on beer. From the findings of Stats SA, it was uncovered that South African households spend more on beer than on vegetables. While vegetables account for just 1.5% of total household spending, beer accounts for 2.1%.

2. Beer Price Is Stable

Despite The Rise In Sin Tax On Beer While the prices of other commodities have been increasing, beer price has remained stable. As uncovered, Beer price has remained relatively flat. For both rural and urban areas, Beer inflation climbed by 0.3 percent in June 2017 compared with June 2016. This is way below the overall annual inflation rate of 5.0 percent. Buttressing on this, Stats SA stated thus:

The average price of a single 330ml bottle or can, for example, was R11,86 in June 2017, the same as what it would’ve cost you in January 2017. If you prefer to buy in bulk, the average price for a six-pack of 330ml bottles or cans was R61,27 in June 2017, R1,49 cheaper than the price recorded for January

3. But South Africans In Western Cape Pay More For It Yeah,

beer price is generally stable in South Africa. However, South Africans in Western Cape are paying more for it while those in Free State are getting the cheapest rate. “Beer drinkers living in Western Cape have it a bit tougher than those enjoying a glass elsewhere. “The average price of a 330 ml bottle or can in Western Cape was R13,77 in June 2017, R3,77 more expensive than that recorded for Free State, where beer was the cheapest,” Stats SA divulged.

4. South African Households Spend On Beer As Much As They Spend On Personal Care

Apart from beer being more popular than vegetables, it was found that households across the country spend an equivalent of what they spend on their personal care, on beer. As stated earlier, beer accounts for 2.1% of total household spending. The figure is the same with what is spent on personal care (2.1%). While tobacco accounts for 1.9% of total household spending, vegetables account for 1.5%. Sweets and desserts take 0.7% and fruits, 0.3%.

5. Households in Mpumalanga Are The Prime Lovers of Beer

Between beer, wine and spirits, beer is the most popular choice in all provinces. Over half of the household spending (54%) on alcoholic beverages is devoted to beer. Wine and spirit coolers come in second at 25% and then spirits at 21%. Nevertheless, households in Mpumalanga are the prime lovers of beer. They spend 71% of their alcoholic beverage budgets on beer. Northern Cape takes the second spot (66%) and is closely followed by North West (64%). Although beer is the most popular alcohol it’s facing some competition from wine and spirit coolers in Western Cape and spirits in Eastern Cape


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