Solidarity Petitions Parly To Debate State Of SAA

Trade union Solidarity has petitioned Parliament to have a debate on the state of South African Airways (SAA).

Solidarity has called on the government to put the national carrier under business rescue and put an end to the multi-billion rand bailouts it has needed to keep going.

The trade union says that it will serve papers on SAA within the next two weeks as part of the process of approaching the courts to put the airline under business rescue.

In a report it released on Tuesday by its research arm, Solidarity noted the government’s failure to act on two board resolutions in 2014 to put the airline under business rescue.

Solidarity’s Werner Human: “We’ve submitted a petition to Parliament where we request that the partial privatisation of SAA be debated and discussed, and also how to deal with other state-owned enterprises which rely constantly on bail-outs and to freeze the bailout spending on other SOEs as well.”

Deputy Finance Minister Mondli Gungubele last month told Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriations that SAA would need at least R20 billion to give it a chance of breaking even in 2021.


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